Most of us must be wondering what is the most impactful corporate response to COVID. As we have been in this unprecedented situation for more than six months.

Here’s a quick reflection on some significant strategies pertaining to corporate response to COVID-19.

Pandemic disruption has not spared any country. Its effects have been so rampant across lives, livelihoods, societies, and businesses.

A multitude of corporates has tasted the bitterness of instability and loss. As per the prediction by the International Labor Organization (ILO), approximately 25 million job losses may happen at the end of 2020.

But, During this chaos, many…

Is it baffling to write digital marketing content that has the right length, depth, texture, and tone? Here’re some stark-naked facts that I’ve uncovered throughout my journey as a digital content writer.

Empathy is a known virtue in personal relationships and social circles. We have no misgivings when someone asks us to be empathetic in a relationship. Because empathy is a key ingredient in Emotional Intelligence and is the oil that keeps relationships running fruitfully. It helps us experience what others are experiencing.

It’s not an exaggeration when I say life without smartphones is unimaginable. Just imagine how we feel when we accidentally leave our phone at home. Don’t we feel completely cut off from the world though we are in the midst of our society real-time?

Smartphones have transformed the way we work, play and communicate. And what makes smartphones irresistible is the wonderfully-functional applications that we download in these devices. These apps unlock the full potential of your smart device and make our lives worthwhile as we can manage our personal/professional relations/activities in an effectual, engaging, and interactive way. …

Wowing your customers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a dream any longer. AI, which was the centrepiece of sci-fi films and novels, can now be seen taking daring strides through the hallways of various industries and companies.

E-commerce is one of the industries where AI can have a paramount influence. Capitalizing the ability of machines to think, learn and respond can enhance your customer experience immensely. And the good news is that a massive budget is not needed to implement effective AI on your e-commerce website.

Here is a quick look at some of the AI facts


Taking the startup plunge is always a crucial decision regardless of the geography you belong to. The traditional affinity towards lifetime government/corporate jobs seems to be bygone now. A greater number of young graduates are chasing their entrepreneurial dream. Regions across the map are longing to be the hub of innovation. Europe is, of course, not an exception.

Being a robust partner to a number of startups and scaleups across Europe, we at Bridge Global, are well-informed about the challenges that early startups face in these regions.

A Quick Survey of the European Startup Landscape

European ecosystem has undergone some…

What does the term ‘leader’ invoke in your mind? For many of us, ‘a leader’ is the smartest person in the room, who suggests solutions, exercises power, and sits at the “top of the pyramid”. But ‘Servant Leadership’ is an edifying leadership style that stands in perfect contrast to the typical stand-alone hero.

Origin of Servant Leadership

Is there anything wrong with the much-known traditional leadership? Why has this fallen from glory in the modern age?

Top-down leadership prevailed successfully in traditional organizations that were driven by a hierarchy. This organizational pattern and governance were the by-product of the Industrial…

Does your sales team struggle to maintain diverse interactions simultaneously? Have your efforts to supercharge these front line responders failed miserably? If YES, do not fret!

Here, you are going to know about a potent solution that will turn around your sales team. The system I am talking about comes with excellent built-in productivity and efficiency features, and its name is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Before I move on to explain how Dynamics 365 can be the saviour of your sales crew, let’s scan through some of the challenges that they face.

Current challenges that most sales teams face…

Effective collaboration makes your team and the absence of which breaks your team! If this sounds sane, everything else written here will also.

If you run an IT company, the first thing you will be wanting is a highly productive team of developers who collaborate well. Even clients come next, as the former is essential to retain the latter.

Paul J. Meyer, the pioneer of the self-improvement industry, has aptly stated, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

It’s a no-brainer that commitment to excellence, intelligent planning…

If you want to enhance your operations in a customer-centric way with minimal overhead and maximum reach, you cannot ignore SMAC — the most trending acronym in the digital world.

What Is SMAC?

SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. In other words, SMAC indicates a converged stack of these technologies. The world’s leading research and advisory firm Gartner calls it the ‘Nexus of Forces’.

The four elements of SMAC are undoubtedly the most effective pillars of successful marketing. They may not yield the desired results when they are deployed in a detached manner. …

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